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The CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ NMN@Holešovice housing project is growing in Na Maninách Street. This street runs through the entire Holešovice peninsula from south to north. In a remarkable way, the Vltava designed this arrangement and circumscribed in the north of Prague a piece of land, which in the beginning was designated to be an industrial quarter with a harbour..

What else does the Holešovice neighbourhood offer?

Today machines have been replaced by theatre companies, clubs and art works. Holešovice cannot be compared to other boring Prague quarters with conventional offices and dozens of apartment blocks. In fact, this quarter is now an esteemed and respected part of the wider centre of Prague; in a survey of world travel bloggers in 2017, it was declared the 15th best European town quarter for the quality of the local culture and creativity, and the overall value of the locality.

Holešovice is not crowded with tourists, but at the same time it offers many interesting things. You can reach the centre of Prague in a few minutes. If you want to go to another part of Prague, you have many options: either take one of the many trams that cross Holešovice in many directions, or go to the Vltavská metro station on line C..

Times to get to:

  • Metro Vltavská (line C) − 5 minutes by tram, 15 minutes by walk
  • Metro Palmovka (line B) − 10 minutes by tram, 20 minutes by walk
  • Nádraží Holešovice train stations − 10 minutes by tram, 20 minutes by walk
  • Prague markets − 5 minutes
  • Playground − in the projects
  • Nursery and elementary schools − within 10 minutes
  • Convenience stores and restaurants − within 5 minutes
  • Polyclinic Prague district 7 − 6 minutes by car
  • Letná forest park − 10 minutes by tram
  • Golf course − 5 minutes

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