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Personalised project with a garden

The main advantage of the project is the opportunity it gives the residents of the building to enjoy all the benefits of community housing. As a result, life becomes more pleasant when on a daily basis you meet the people you are close to rather than the anonymous and hurried individuals of huge apartment complexes. It is also much easier to reach a consensus in the case of a newly created private owners’ housing association. You will also appreciate the large garden that will be available only to no more than 32 families. Therefore you will not need to search for a green oasis in your daily life. There will be enough place for everyone in the inner courtyard.

Trigema NMN - dokončený a komorní projekt

Time-tested features

The architects have succeeded in creating a masterpiece. When designing flats for families, they combined the traditional and well-tested layouts of panel apartment blocks with those trends and features that no family today can go without. Small flats, whether used for investment purposes, for renting out or living in, provide both plenty of open space and sufficient room for wardrobes or other storage places. The balcony or terrace, which features in each flat regardless of its size, represents a great, yet unusual, benefit.

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Trigema NMN - Dispozice ozkoušené časem

A decent building with advanced functions

The architecture emphasises the qualities of straightness and simplicity, which reflect the character of the Holešovice quarter. Straight, upright lines, simple colour combinations – the result is harmonious simplicity. The building fits in perfectly with the urban layout of Na Maninách Street. The functionality of the building takes care of the future and of the financial expenses of its occupants. We have also thought about maintenance: the extensive greenery in the private inner courtyard will be watered with an automatic system that collects rainwater. The house is also equipped with the fittings needed to install charging points for electric vehicles. Today this in an exception, but in the future it will a matter of fact.

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Trigema NMN - Decentní budova s pokrokovými funkcem

Eco-friendly building

The apartment complex CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ NMN@Holečovice has a Gr. B certificate of energy performance and it is associated with the use of suitable materials. Trigema puts the greatest emphasis on the long-term use of these materials and on work processes that guarantee the durability of the new homes. The abovementioned functions of watering and prepared charging points for electrical vehicles, although not visible at first sight, add to the functionality of the system. A self-regulating heating cable replaces the circulating loop of hot water distribution that is the standard solution for the supply of hot water in conventional buildings. Keeping the temperature of hot water (HWAT system) without a circulating pipe is a smart, comfortable, economical and eco-friendly solution. The HWAT system compensates for the heat loss of hot water pipelines via a self-regulating cable attached to hot water pipelines.

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Trigema NMN - ekologicky šetrná budova

The technology of the future in your apartment

Trigema, as a developer of residential projects, is proud to equip its flats with technology that will normally be available and commonly used in a few years’ time. Currently this modern technology belongs to the future. State-of the-art devices are designed and integrated into the new flats to save time and future financial costs, to protect the health and the environment, but above all to make life easier. Whether it is about air recovery or the intelligent control of the flat, operating and maintaining these devices is very simple. Anyone can live with them.

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Trigema NMN - technologie budoucnosti

A vibrant locality not far from the centre of Prague

Originally an industrial and working class quarter, today it is a cultural and artistic artery and one of the most progressive districts in Prague. In fact, the esteem and respect for this quarter, which has become part of the wider centre of Prague, is growing, and in a survey on the best European town quarters, it came 15. Machines have now been replaced by theatre companies, clubs and art works, and the gastronomy is on the rise (and it is highly rated). Have some sites become a little uninspiring? In 20 minutes, you can reach in a number of ways any other place in Prague you wish, for example Florence or the National Theatre...

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Trigema NMN - tepající lokalita

A tranquil place with the necessary services within reach

Placed at the southeast tip of Holešovice, this unique residential area is extremely sought-after. The place is two blocks away from the tramline and one block away from the banks of the Vltava. The quieter end of the street, which enjoys very little traffic, gives you a taste of the busy city centre only a few metres away. It is not necessary to commute or go far for your daily needs. Four minutes from the building, you can find Holešovice Market. Apart from its historical and cultural significance, the market provides everything, from fresh fruit and vegetables to supermarkets and the latest electronic shops in Prague. The Council Offices of Prague 7 are even closer. In addition, there will be two commercial areas in the basement of the project itself.

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Trigema NMN - Klidné místo s potřebnými službami na dosah

The above-standard fittings of the flats

In addition to their optimal layout, the flats have the highest standard fittings provided by popular brands that focus primarily on premium quality goods. The bathrooms are completely equipped with stylish fittings, including tiles by Villeroy & Boch, faucets by Hansa, and bathtubs by Kaldewei. The floor coverings include traditional wooden materials or the popular vinyl in many colour variations. We also pay attention to the overall concept of the interior, colour matching and the detail of the work, and in our flats we use 2100 mm high doors with a high resistant CPL surface in many shades of colour. Everything is designed, carried out and installed in complete harmony with the overall purpose of the project. Within the project CHYTRÉ BYDLENÍ NMN@Holešovice two spaces totalling more than 200 m2 of usable surface will be created for commercial purposes on the ground floor.

Trigema NMN - nadstandardní vybavení bytů
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